2009 Season Review

2009 has been a very busy year for us all at Time Machine Racing, in February the bare chassis, engine, axle and wheels arrived at Bill Felstead’s Fester Race Cars shop in Romford. In the next 7 months Motor Psycho was born, of course that makes it sound easy but in reality it was 7 months of constant work, parts aquisitions, phone calls, emails and weekends at Bill’s, including all but one weekend in August, the final result though? Mind blowing, Bill’s fabrication and eye for detail, stance and nostalgia is second to none and come the end of Euro Finals weekend there sat the car thats been in my head for the last two years, Bill I can’t thank you enough – it’s perfect.

Euro Finals weekend in itself was a manic one putting all the last touches to the car and getting it ready to make noise, which it did Saturday afternoon and after solving a mag clamp problem if I do say so myself it sounded fantastic.

Two weeks later we were ready for shakedown passes at the National Finals, due to highly overgeared rear axle the clutch and gearbox took some heavy abuse, but its a start.

Work is already underway for the 2010 season, the rear gear problem is currently being solved, the gearbox will be rebuilt and the clutch freshened. There are some other rather unique and potential highly advantageous plans being hatched, but I’ll keep them secret for now!

The list of thank yous is huge, without these people though this car simply wouldn’t have been possible.

Les Downey at Lucas Oils UK for their continued support, this is our 11th year of involvement with Lucas and simply nothing else would go in that engine.

Bill & Luke ‘Pit Rat’ Felstead, Bob Jarrett, Dave ‘Crunch’ Crunkhorn, Martyn Hannis the Bond Family & Nuthin Fancy Racing, Bob Glassup & Xtreme Racing, John & Leslie Wright, Lawrie Gatehouse, Tony Betts, Andy Kate & Luke Robinson, Jason Phelps, John Spuffard, Dave Bryant, Martin Hill, Doug Ripley, David Lloyd-Jones, Darren Prentice & everyone at Santa Pod Raceway.

Also to the crew, my Dad (Bob), Darren, Martin, Ben, Tanya & Vicky, a better crew I couldn’t wish for.

Finally some congratulations are in order, Bennett Racing for their championship win, Joe Bond for getting back into the 6s and runner up in the championship, Bill Felstead & Jon Best for having the most evil sounding car on the planet and running right into the 6s on fire on his first full pass, Bob Glassup for breaking into the 6s for the first time and commiserations to Freddy’s Revenge for the engine damage sustained at the National Finals, we hope to see you out again soon.

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