Every cloud has a silver lining

It’s an old and tired adage, but the clouds of Easter certainly had a silver lining for us. At the time we were really disappointed to have had the meeting curtailed and thus being unable to progress with the momentum we were building, in retrospect it was fortuitous that the rain came when it did.

During our routine maintenance at the weekend we discovered a broken tie bar on one of the roller lifter pairs which had gone undiagnosed while checking the valve lash. Had we run with that damage we could potentially have seen cam damage or far worse, and have been sidelined until repairs could be affected. As it is we can replace with no damage, and ensure the motor is once again in fine fettle. In addition we are treating the supercharger to a freshen up so should be making a bit more boost come the Summer Nationals.

2014 Festival of Power

After a long off season which for us started when a rod fell out the motor at the 2012 Euro Finals it was time to hit the track again. The time off was spent rebuilding the engine and fitting a new body, a 1932 Bantam which was built by Pat Cuss for Wendy Baker and Paul Stubbings. The body was previously fitted to the Time Warp altered which is now wearing our old Mustang II funny car body, 2014 sees the Nostalgia Funny Cars racing with the Fuel Altereds so we were looking forward to the chance to race against a car whose history is intertwined with ours.

We changed a few settings in the clutch as part of the rebuild, so the first run was a shakedown launch off idle to 330 ft and all looked good, setting us up for a full pass the next day. We were up against Chaos which is always a pleasure but also a challenge, as they have that car running really well at the moment. With another idle launch we pulled through to a new PB of 7.42 @ 180 which was brilliant news for us – giving it a bit of RPM on the line should easily get the time down again next time. In the other lane meanwhile Nick took Chaos into history, taking the long standing AA/FA record. Huge congratulations to all the team.

The opportunity arose next time round to race Wendy in Time Warp but sadly the car was feeling recalcitrant and after the burnout and backing up Adam could not get forward gear and we had to shut off and tow back. Spirits were further dampened when rain put paid to eliminations day and we all went home a little damp, but overall happy with the weekend. We’ll be back out at the Summernationals with a brand spanking new Power Race Graphics paint job applied by Custom Exotics.

Thanks must go to Matt Wright and We Move Your Car for transportation at the weekend, and huge congratulations to Robbie Grabham for his first weekend out in Freddy’s Revenge where he handled the car brilliantly. Looking forward to racing you Robbie!

Down, but not out

After the mishap with our ’34 Ford body at the Summer Nationals it will be out of action for some time while we decide whether to repair or to build a replacement.

Completely gutted but not detered we do have a plan B, or more correctly plan T. We have acquired our old ’23 Model T body (as see in our gallery) which was purchased from us by the late John Powis 20 years ago, a huge thank you to his wife Janet for being so helpful in reuniting us with it.

We will have another busy couple of weeks preparing for Dragstalgia with the NFAA, but there is no way we would miss it.

We have everything we need except a rear wing, if there is anyone out there with something suitable to mount on the roll cage please can you get in touch via theĀ Contact Form or by calling Adam on 07887 840 497.

Another absolutely massive thank you to Scott, Brett and Amy at sponsors Custom Exotics, the work they carried out on the car was nothing short of stunning, we’re so sorry it doesn’t look quite so pretty right now. Also thank you to continued support from Lucas Oil, Auto Finesse and Fresh Reflections, and to everyone who wished us well and helped contribute to getting us back on the track, it is really appreciated. If anyone has any photos or videos from the Summer Nationals can you please either send them via email or share on our facebook page.

2010: The story so far

It has been a little quiet here so far this year, although if you follow our Twitter account or Facebook page you will probably know that we haven’t been sitting on our hands doing nothing.

After pretty much destroying our B&J gearbox last year at the National Finals we have invested in a top of the line Lenco CS2 which was built for FIA Top Methanol usage so should be more than enough for us. We have also altered the rear end gear ratio and performed one or two other changes with the end result being that we were ready to test at the start of June, although are plans were pushed back a little due to some problems with seals and not wanting to play until we knew everything was right.

Come the Summer Nationals we were ready to take part in an NFAA meeting where we made it to the 3rd/4th place shootout but were shut off due to an oil leak caused by a rushed turnaround and insufficient time to run all the usual tests. We followed this with some tests at the Retro Show where we determined we were having issues changing gear – later found to be a combination of poor pressure from the CO2 regulator and incorrect tower heights on the gearbox itself.

With this corrected we set out to test again at Mini In The Park which rewarded us with an 8 second run at over 170mph. Looking over this run afterwards we need to put more clutch into the car to get it off the line better, and also raise the wheelie bar height as if you look closely you can see the car squat then bounce off the wheelie bar. We will be making this changes and are entering the Euro Finals in Super Pro, where we hope to run our first seven.

Live Update from Ultimate Street Car

The team is at Santa Pod this weekend performing demonstration runs at Ultimate Street Car and since I cannot attend I am updating the website instead.

We have been putting some testing in today and have just run a 9.45 @ 131 mph, our best yet with the new car.

Adam tells me the car was sideways off the line causing him to lift and pull 2nd. The car went sideways again at the hit so he pedalled it and then the car hooked up.

If we can get the car too stick off the line we are shooting for an 8. Fingers crossed!