2010 Season Review

The season ended on the best possible high, after being shut off with a small oil leak in the first qualifier I lined up against fellow ex-junior dragster drive and best mate Joe Bond in the Nuthin’ Fancy topolino for the second session of NFAA qualifying. After getting a good feel for the car and controlled burnouts I was starting to feel a lot more confident, and thought it was about time I tried for a burnout that (hopefully) Fast Freddy would be proud of.

Bringing the revs up into stage and launching the car pulled harder than I’ve felt before and I held the shifts longer, around 330ft I saw Joe out the corner of my eye but I wasn’t all that far behind so I thought it must have been on for a semi decent pass. In the second 1/8th it was really pulling until I felt the car nose over at 1000ft, coasting over the line and popped the chutes.

After turning off at the top end I waited for the crew to arrive, not really sure what time to expect, when Martin announced it was a 7.60 I was over the moon, nothing like diving straight into the 7s!

Upon inspection in the pits it turned out that the burst panel on the blower had gone, and an onboard video confirmed it was as it went through the 1000ft mark. With clocking 172mph at the 1000ft and 173mph at the quarter it would surely have been on for a low [email protected], so plenty more to come next year. Unfortunately we found an air leak on the blower manifold on Sunday morning, we think the aluminium plate on top of the manifold had warped so we were out for the rest of the weekend, which was then lost to rain.

Over the winter we’ve got plenty of improvements and changes to make, we will be putting a set of 4.56 gears in the rear axle to get the 60fts down, also a magnesium buzzard catcher injector will be replacing the nostalgia ribbed Enderle injector which is just not big enough to supply the air required, if time permits there will be a few aero tricks on the body as well.

I’d like to congratulate Joe Bond, the whole Bond family and Nuthin’ Fancy team on their NFAA Championship win, there’s not a more deserving team out there. I’d also like to thank everyone who has helped and supported us this year, you know who you are – it wouldn’t be possible without you all.

Once again a massive thank you to sponsors; Lucas Oil and Dodo Juice.

Now, how long is it until Easter? In the mean time I’m off to the California Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield to finish off the season with sun and nitro.

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