Down, but not out

After the mishap with our ’34 Ford body at the Summer Nationals it will be out of action for some time while we decide whether to repair or to build a replacement.

Completely gutted but not detered we do have a plan B, or more correctly plan T. We have acquired our old ’23 Model T body (as see in our gallery) which was purchased from us by the late John Powis 20 years ago, a huge thank you to his wife Janet for being so helpful in reuniting us with it.

We will have another busy couple of weeks preparing for Dragstalgia with the NFAA, but there is no way we would miss it.

We have everything we need except a rear wing, if there is anyone out there with something suitable to mount on the roll cage please can you get in touch via theĀ Contact Form or by calling Adam on 07887 840 497.

Another absolutely massive thank you to Scott, Brett and Amy at sponsors Custom Exotics, the work they carried out on the car was nothing short of stunning, we’re so sorry it doesn’t look quite so pretty right now. Also thank you to continued support from Lucas Oil, Auto Finesse and Fresh Reflections, and to everyone who wished us well and helped contribute to getting us back on the track, it is really appreciated. If anyone has any photos or videos from the Summer Nationals can you please either send them via email or share on our facebook page.

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