The Gleadow, Galloway & Shutes "Motor Psycho" AA/FA is the latest car in a long line dating back to 1967 to emerge from the family stable, and is the result of many years dreaming, scheming and sweating to put a nitro motor between the rails. Check out the full history for more details on the other cars - this one started with a blown Rodeck Chevy on methanol before engine damage led us to turn the dream into a reality.  New for 2023 is a 70's inspired model T pickup body in the style of Dave 'Nasty' Benjamin's 1974 car.


  • 120" ICE Automotive/Steve Green SFI 10.1E chassis
  • 1923 Ford Model T fibreglass and aluminium body
  • 417ci billet aluminium Rodeck/Emery 392
  • Hemi Hot Heads 392 cylinder heads
  • Spud Miller Supermag V
  • Hilborn short 4 port injector 
  • Littlefield 8/71 supercharger
  • Venolia rods & pistons
  • Titan Speed Engineering rocker assemblies
  • Manton Pushrods
  • Dave Benjamin 21gpm fuel pump
  • Dave Benjamin billet K valve
  • Titan Speed Engineering dry sump pump
  • L&T 10½" 6 stand 3 disc clutch
  • Lenco 2 speed CS1 transmission
  • 9.5" Strange Toploader Axle 4.11 gears
  • Mickey Thompson 35x15x16" slicks
  • Weld Alumastar 16x16" double beadlock rear wheels
  • M&H Racemaster 22x3.5x15 front runners
  • American Racing magnesium 12 spoke 15x3.5" front wheels
  • Racepak Pro I data logger
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