New merch!


We are hoping to get some hats and t-shirts made on a pre-order basis, and are currently gauging interest to see if this will be viable. Once enough people have put their names forward to meet the minimum order required we would put them into production.

We had a great time at Dragstalgia last weekend, getting the launch settled down on Friday thanks to a change in wheelie bar height following video review and the loan of some scales from Karl Harrison so we could adjust the corner weights to get the right preload. After having to fix an unexpected coil issue and change a bearing...

In a few days time we are making our way to Santa Pod for Dragstalgia and can't wait. There are 14 cars in the Nostalgia Cannonball - a great mix of blown Funny Cars, Dragsters and Altereds running Alky or Nitro.

After last August's first nitro fire up and launch where we found a few teething issues we headed to Santa Pod last weekend for another round of testing, and had two passes down the track which were completely clean with no problems or breakages and the engine was sounding great. On the first run Adam tested out both lanes of...

Our old site had been rather neglected while we built the new car, so we decided that now we have been down the track a few times we should probably sort that out. There won't be frequent updates here - for that check out our social media presence - but you might get the odd update here now and then....

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